Security Audit

Risk analysis

Definition of threats

Environmental scan

Definition of vulnerabilities

Probability and acceptability of a hostile act

Risk analysis

Physical Technological

Technical Human Results to be achieved

Compensatory measures


Course of the mission


Planning of meetings with partners and interlocutors

Presentation of the different plans of the building

Plans of the cadastre and the occupation of the premises

Structural plans Technical installations, back-up systems

Fire detection systems

Visit of the site in good weather and on rainy days, contact with local authorities: gendarmerie, municipal police, fire department, land registry services

Conduct in the case of a follow-up to this audit

Action plan to be implemented in order to secure the premises for all the risks mentioned, according to estimate




The security audit is characterized by a collection of information at the heart of the site. It is defined by the implementation of a complex method allowing an exhaustive data collection in order to gather viable and concrete information on the strengths and weaknesses of the protection of people and goods. This audit also allows us to obtain an overall view in order to have an evaluation allowing us to set up possible improvements or solutions by taking into account the activity and the specificities of the site.